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Officials caution all but essential personnel to stay at home as worst of storm descends this afternoon
by Carolyn James


Nassau County is experiencing icy road conditions along with high winds, which is causing minor accidents and spin outs. Motorists are advised to stay off the roads. 

That according to Nassau County officials whose message was reinforced by local officials in Massapequa.

“Right now we are asking everyone to stay sheltered at home and to enjoy waiting out the storm,” said Massapequa Park Village Mayor Jeffrey Pravato, who was out plowing along with the village’s DPW crews this morning. 

Pravato said conditions were such that as soon as a road was plowed the snow was back.

“This is a very powerful snow storm and it is not over yet,” he said.

Pravato assured residents that Village crews would be out until every road is cleared and safe, But, he added, it is going to take some time.

At 9 a.m., there were no reported incidents of flooding, another major concern of the storm.

Residents are being asked to call 911 in the event of an emergency only. 

With tomorrow’s weather forecast predicting a warm, sunny day, Pravato said residents should simply sit back and enjoy the snow from the safety and security of their homes. “Let us do our job and get the roads safe,” he said.



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