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From the Post
Compiled by Lauren Horn
Thursday, November 19, 1964
Fehrenbach Bill Would Increase State School Aid Ceiling to $605

From the Post

Compiled by Lauren Horn

Thursday, November 19, 1964

Fehrenbach Bill Would Increase State School Aid Ceiling to $605

Assemblyman Edwin Fehrenbach (R), who has made specialty of legislation dealing with state aid to education, has already begun his 1965 effort to ease the local homeowner’s school tax burden.

Three Local Seniors Receive Awards

Three local high school students will be presented 1964 Paragon Oil Student Incentive Awards on November 28. Receiving awards for their excellence in scholarship and citizenship will be Douglas J. Groome of 93 Pittsburgh Ave, a senior in Massapequa High School; Ronnie Frakel of 53 Daniel Road North, a senior in Plainedge High School; and Janet Entersz of 187 Atlantic Ave.,a senior in Berner High School.

Thursday, November 26, 1964

Spots School Fire; Nabs Fleeing Boy

Seventh Precinct police released a 15-year-old boy in his parents’ custody last Staurday after he and two other boys were interrupted as they started a fire in a pile of leaves next to the Schwarting School. The trio was spotted by a nearby resident who collared the 15-year old for police.

Thursday, December 17, 1964

Praise Two Youths in Daring Rescue

R-O-L-L ‘EM! The two new press units of the Tobay Printing Co. moved into action this week, doubling the capacity of the firm’s Fairchild Color King. The new equipment enables the Massapequa POST affiliate to produce up to 32 tabloid, 16 standard, or 64 magazine size pages on newsprint or fine paper in a single run. As many as eight different colors can be run at one time—all this at speeds of up to 18,000 copies per hour, quarter folded and ready for mailing.

Thursday, April 10, 1958

Orchestra in Danger

The Massapequa Community Symphony Orchestra needs your support. New to the community, the orchestra must broaden its financial base in order to continue to offer top-notch cultural facility to the people of the area.

Thursday, June 12, 1958

Zone Board has Routine Hearing

The Town Zoning Board of Appeals and another routine meeting last Thursday night at which several local cases were heard.

November 10, 1977

Plainedge braces for vote to sell Picken, Southedge

Plainedge School District voters will queue next Thursday from noon to 10 p.m. at West, Eastplain and Southedge Schools to decide on whether or not to sell surplus school properties for housing and park development.

January 19, 1977

Ice inundates, immobilizes Pequas

The beauty of ice-encased trees belied the dangers and almost disaster conditions which descended upon Long Island on the back of a snowflake this week. In the Massapequa area, spotty power outages were the story; some residents lost electricity Friday night and were still out Tuesday night. Others who made it through the deep freeze over the weekend lost power Tuesday night when the snow, sleet, wind and freezing rain combined to attack once again.

June 22, 1978

Music group eyes summer tour

Eight Massapequa are members of the Long Island Youth Orchestra will be leaving Tuesday for an extended summer trip to a host of exotic countries around the world where they will present concerts.

August 24, 1978

Pequa school lunch price jumps inflationary 10 cents

Students in the Massapequa school system will pay an additional two cents for the A lunch during the 1978-79 term; the price will increase to 65 cents at the elementary level, and to 75 cents in the secondary schools.

December 10, 1953

Miraculously Escape Serious Injury in Merrick Road 3 Car Smash Up

A trip to church almost ended tragically last Monday night when Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Donnelly of 312 Brendon Ave., were involved in a messy three-car smash.

March 25, 1954

Cancer Drive Donation Raises ‘Sword of Hope’

Cancer is man’s cruelest enemy. Each year this vicious killer strikes thousands of persons throughout the nation—a number of the victims in Nassau County. The killer disease plays no favorites. It strikes young and old, men and women.

August 26, 1954

All Lower Grades Will Be On Double Sessions

The opening of school on September 8 will find double sessions the rule in all three districts serving the Massapequa area, except for the higher grades. All three districts hope to extend full sessions to the lower grades some time during the coming school year, but the move will only be a temporary one at best.

December 26, 1990

Burglary nets $25,000 in wedding rings

Thieves burglarized a jewelry store in Sunrise Mall, Massapequa, on Nov. 30, escaping with $25,000 worth of gold wedding rings.

March 13, 1991

PHS ‘Senior Prom’ preparations are underway

Plans are underway for the Plainedge High School Student Council’s third Senior Prom for Senior Citizens. The prom will be held on Saturday, April 20, from 7:30-11p.m. at the high school gymnasium.

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